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This guide is for you if you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram in a 2018 world in an organic and safe way. It’s not for people who are looking for fake followers or strategies that use automated bots.

Let’s go:

If you’re reading this chances are you want to build an active community on Instagram to:

  • Grow your business
  • Earn passive income
  • Become an influencer.

Or maybe you are simply stuck with growing your current account. Meaning, you’ve tried Hashtags, Follow/Unfollow Bots, Original Content, countless webinars of Instagram ‘Gurus’ and still…

zirp.. zirp…

Nothing seems to happen. You only get a few lousy likes and your growth is stalling. And let me tell you, I’ve been there too and I know it’s devastating. (More on that shortly.)

No matter what brought you here, there is good news for you.

I’ve discovered a way that allowed me to grow 20.000 engaged followers over the last 12 weeks. Without the use of bots or any other shady tactics.

Even better, I’m now growing 2.500 organic and real followers every single week. Which means by the time you’re reading this my account @success.venue should be at over 30.000 followers.

And we’re not talking just any followers. I’m speaking of quality followers that actually engage with my content because they want to. Resulting in over 1K likes on my posts and 2K views on all of my stories. Hypeauditor rates my audience quality score at 97 out of 100. (If you want to analyze your own account you’ll get 3 free report tokens from me later on.)

Quality Score - How to get more followers on Instagram

Reachabilty - How to get more followers on Instagram

Now, the really good news is that in this article, I’m gonna share with you exactly how I reached those numbers. Meaning that you can grow an active authority account or a badass community within your niche, too. Starting today.

Sounds good?


Before we get into it, here is a little context.

A couple of weeks ago – 12 weeks, to be precise – I started my side account @success.venue at zero followers.

Starting this account was actually an act of desperation.

I was completely stuck with my main brand account @thriverr.co. (To be fair – I have used auto-follow bots with it in the past which may have led to the account being flagged and throttled. So, if you did that too and you’re stuck now, do yourself a favor and start over. The sooner the better.)


I was sitting at 5K followers with my main account for months and I couldn’t get it to grow no matter what. Yes, I know it’s not all about follower numbers but if you put in the effort and get almost zero results it’s kinda painful.

And I tried a lot:

  • Cleaning up my follower base
  • Trying different post types
  • Posting on a consistent basis
  • Creating original content
  • Hashtags
  • Engaging with other people
  • Trying to be helpful in DM’s

I felt my account was broken, cursed even.

That’s why I decided to start a new account and test a super simple strategy. And it was this very strategy that allowed me to grow 20K followers within 12 weeks and now brings in piles of real and engaged followers every day.

Follower Growth - How to get more followers on Instagram

So, enough talking. I’m here to tell you how you can do the same.

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How to get more followers on Instagram with the  ‘Boosted Niche Curator Strategy’

Short, the BNC Strategy.

In a nutshell, the BNC strategy is about two things.

  1. Curating the most popular posts from your niche and reposting them on your account.
  2. Boosting them with niched engagement.

Instagram Feed - How to get more followers on Instagram

Quick note: If you have any concerns with reposting other people’s content, simply ask them for their permission and credit them in your post. I’ve never come across anyone who wasn’t up for a collaboration as they also profit from getting their posts in front of more people.

The goal of this strategy is to bring as many of your posts as possible into the discover section of Instagram (The magnifier icon in the app). This is the section where Instagram suggests popular posts to people.

Appearing in this section will attract organic and engaged followers.

Here is why:

People scroll through the discover section and follow your account based on a post you shared. This means they’re actually interested in the content you post. They don’t follow you because you’ve followed them so they feel guilty if they don’t follow you back. They follow you because they saw a post that resonated with them and they want to see more of you.

That’s pure gold. Because having engaged followers also means more likes on your future posts. This will further increase the chance of your posts going viral. That’s why I’m growing faster the bigger I become.

The result is a highly active authority account or a badass community within your niche.

Quick note: If you have a brand and don’t want to repost a lot of stuff from other accounts you can simply create a second account for this strategy.

Think of the curator account as a proxy.

You can use it to drive traffic to your personal account, your website, your affiliate offers, your products,… you get the idea.

For me, @success.venue is a proxy to reach and help more people with the content on thriverr.co and build a passive income stream.

Let’s view the strategy more in-depth so you know exactly what to do.

1. The Setup: Pick Your Niche, Set Up Your Account

You want to pick a niche that has a lot of accounts who post viral images and videos that go viral on a regular basis. Because you’ll need a lot of content.

If your current niche doesn’t offer much content to repost choose a related niche that does.

Now that you have your niche, you want to create a simple logo.

For that, you can either go on Fiverr and pay someone $5 – $15 to create a logo for you. Or you can create a free account on canva.com and grab a free icon from flaticon.com to create the logo yourself.

After 10-15 minutes you should come up with something like this.

Instagram Logo - How to get more followers on Instagram

Don’t overthink it, it actually doesn’t matter all too much.

Next up: A general name that suits your niche and has a “curator” feel to it. (To be honest, the name doesn’t matter all too much either)

For example, I chose success.venue as I’m in the motivational/entrepreneur niche.

Voila, your account is ready to grow.

Now let’s put in the work.

2. Efficiently Curate The Most Popular Posts Across Your Niche 3-5 Times per Day

The goal is to post 3-5 times per day. Consistency is key here! You do so by collecting and reposting posts from other accounts that get a lot of likes and views.

Note how the heading says “Efficiently curate..”

You could search and publish every single post on a post-by-post basis with Apps like Regrann or Repost. But to make things easier I recommend the following:

  1. Prepare a big library of posts that you can pick from without searching for new posts every day.
  2. Schedule the posts with a Social Media Management Tool

Here is how you do that:

Pick 2-3 popular accounts in your niche. If possible they should be posting different kinds of content. For example, one has great quotes, one has short statements and the third one posts viral videos. Reach out to them and ask them if you’re allowed to repost their content.

Now install a free browser extension that allows for downloading Instagram posts. Here is the one I use: Downloader for Instagram

Go to their profiles and download a lot of their posts and save them on your PC.

Next, sign up for a Social Media Management Tool. I recommend Later or Buffer to do the job. Later’s free version allows for one account and 30 posts each month. Buffer’s free version allows for multiple accounts and 10 scheduled posts at a time. If you sign up for Later using this link you and I get 10 extra posts for the month. <3

Once you have chosen a tool you schedule as many posts as possible in advance. Doing so will bring the posting time to an absolute minimum. When it’s time to post the tool will send you a notification to your smartphone with your post ready to publish.

Now that you have your account and the content it’s time for the secret ingredient of the BNC strategy.

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3. Join a Niched and Quality Engagement Group to Boost Your Posts

Remember the goal is to get your posts into Instagram’s discover section. You want to go viral as often as possible. Simply posting 3-5 times a day won’t do much if you don’t get likes and comments on your posts.

Without going into much details about how the Instagram algorithm works – because no one really does – here is how you dramatically increase the chance of your posts going viral.

I’ll put it simply:

You need to get a good amount (15-40) likes and comments from real accounts within your niche within the first 60 minutes after posting.

The bigger and more high-quality these accounts are the better.

And you want to get those likes and comments on EVERY single post you publish.

But how do you get a lot of real accounts to liking and commenting every single post of yours? Let alone big and high-quality accounts?

There are two ways:

1. A free niched DM group on Instagram

You join or create a group within the Instagram direct messaging system – a DM group. To do so you create a direct message group and invite accounts in your niche to help each other out. You simply reach out to them and ask them if they want to join your group to boost each other’s posts.

As soon as you have your DM group set up, members share their posts and ask for likes and comments.

The pros of these DM groups:

  • They are free

Unfortunately, that’s about it.

The drawbacks of DM groups.

  • You can’t guarantee that all members actually participate
  • You can’t guarantee they do so within the first 60 mins after you publish your post
  • It’s restricted to only 25 members

Let’s have a look at the alternative.

2. An organized paid niched engagement group.

This is the route I took. And it’s the one I recommend.

Those groups are organized off of Instagram, mostly on Telegram – a messenger app.

The best way to describe them is to tell you how they work.

Here is the process of the group I’m in:

There are 6 like/commenting rounds each day at fixed time slots. These are the times you want to publish your posts at.

30 minutes before each round you can join your account for the upcoming round.

Engagement Group - How to get more followers on Instagram

When the round starts each member of the group will get a list of accounts (+ a link) that they need to like and comment on.

Engagement Group Pt. 2 - How to get more followers on Instagram

All members have 60-90 minutes to like and comment on the latest post of each account. If they fail to do so, they get a warning and after three warnings they get banned for a month. This guarantees participation and gets rid of free-riders.

Yes, you have to like and comment on the latest post of each account manually. There is no bot or shady stuff that does the work for you. And yes, this takes some time. Especially if you do it 3-5 times per day. You may get quicker over time but nothing good comes without some hustle.

Quick Note: You can also hire a virtual assistant to do the heavy lifting for you. There are plenty of people in the engagement group’s community offering account management. Meaning, they do the liking and commenting for you. And they come at very reasonable prices. (from 50-100$ per month, depending on the number of rounds they do for you per day). I have used 3 VA’s in the past and never had a bad experience.

Now that you know how paid niched engagement groups work…

The benefits at a glance:

  • They are organized and the process is fully automated. Joining rounds and getting the list happens with zero friction.
  • They usually have a lot of members, meaning you get about 50-90 likes and comments on every single post.
  • It all happens within the first 60 minutes after you post. This is what gets you viral on a regular basis.
  • They usually have an awesome and helpful community

The drawbacks:

  • They are mostly paid. Mine is 15.99$ month. But, considering that I currently grow 2000+ followers each week, it’s a no-brainer for me. As an Entrepreneur, you need to make smart investments and think in terms of ROI. And 0,008$ per organic follower sounds like a great ROI to me.

How to find these groups?

  • Ask big accounts that get a lot of engagement if they are part of a group that you can join
  • Search for groups on Google
  • Ask for them in Facebook groups around Instagram growth

If you are in the motivational/entrepreneur niche I’m happy to invite you into the group I’m in – Executive Mafia

No B.S. Disclaimer: Depending on your niche you will not exclusively get followers from your country or high-income countries. But this is not as “bad” as you might think. For example, I love my Indian followers because they tend to engage more with my content and thus help me reach more people. So, my advice is, appreciate every single follower. They have chosen to give you their time to consume and react to your content, so be grateful for them.

Instagram Demo - How to get more followers on Instagram

What’s next?

Congrats you’ve made it through this monster of an article! I hope you found the information helpful and enjoyed reading it.

You now know exactly what I did to grow 20.000 organic Instagram followers in 12 weeks and how you can do the same.

Guess what time it is now?

It’s time for you to take action.

Create your account and start growing.

Imagine what you could do with a badass community of 20.000 people. Or reaching almost 100K people with a single post.

Instagram Reach - How to get more followers on Instagram

You could

  • kickstart your business
  • become an influencer
  • earn passive income through affiliate products

The opportunities are endless. It’s a life changer.

And don’t be discouraged if things don’t go as fast as you want them to.

Keep in mind that you are building an asset here. It takes time and effort.

Provide your people with value, truly care about them and deploy patience.

That’s all for now.

If you have any questions just drop them down in the comments!

Happy hustling!

~ David

Bonus PS: I’ve put together a free Instagram Growth Secrets Series that will help you explode your growth and engagement. If you want to take this seriously and get ahead of the pack click the button below. (No e-mail required, it comes via Messenger.)

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Bonus PPS: As promised, you can use my code “DAVID8126” and get 3 free report tokens for Hypeauditor. (And so do I)

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  1. Hi,

    I have tested the hypeauditor tool you recommended but it seems kind of expensive. I need to check over 500 accounts monthly. I use https://evoig.com for now as it’s less expensive. Do you know any other tools i can use to audit instagram accounts?

    1. Hi Daniel,

      thanks for reaching out. Yes, it’s more expensive than other basic tools. The thing is, most tools (like evoig.com) only show basic data (engagement rate, etc.) however those numbers are basically meaningless without context.

      The benefit of more sophisticated and thus expensive tools is that they have some added value and can provide context (demographic analysis, quality score, more in-depth follower data, etc.). I’m currently not aware of any alternative to the depth of hypeauditor.

      https://phlanx.com/engagement-calculator would be a simple engagement calculator, but if you’re checking 500 accounts/month you’re probably already aware of it.

      Happy hustling,

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